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Lockwood is the story of twin sisters, Sage and Tessa Cummings. After the sudden death of their parents, the girls were forced to move in with their uncle and his family. The girls hope to start anew – making new friends and even more than just friendships along the way. Lockwood might seem like a quiet and suburban town, but little do the girls and their new friends know – there is a dark secret buried in the town’s history. After Sage discovers an old encrypted book in the town’s library, she relies on her new group of friends to uncover what the book really means. The secret of the town could pull them closer, break them apart or worse, kill them. Are they willing to put it all on the line to figure out the secret of the town before it’s too late?

Main Characters
[[Image:|100px|Aria Grady]]
[[Image:|100px|Christian Rockwell]]
[[Image:|100px|Frankie Chandler]]
[[Image:|100px|Liam Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Mia Kim]]
[[Image:|100px|Nolan Bains]]
[[Image:|100px|Sage Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Skyler Bridges]]
[[Image:|100px|Tessa Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Zoey Lopez]]
Recurring Characters
[[Image:|100px|Aaron Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Anne Bridges]]
[[Image:|100px|Barbara Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Braden Jackson]]
[[Image:|100px|Elizabeth Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Patrick Ellis]]
[[Image:|100px|Frederick Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Holly Jensin]]
[[Image:|100px|James Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Josh Collins]]
[[Image:|100px|Julie Lopez]]
[[Image:|100px|Kurt Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Marla Cummings]]
[[Image:|100px|Detective Rockell]]
[[Image:|100px|Ryan Dundee]]
[[Image:|100px|Susan Rockwell]]
[[Image:|100px|Stella Malone]]
[[Image:|100px|Ted Cummings]]
Guest Stars