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Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Pilot Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x01
After the death of their parents, Sage and Tessa move to Lockwood.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Unwelcome Writer: Stacee Myers Director: tbd #01x02
Nolan tries to get closer to Tessa. Marla visits Frederick for answers. Nolan discovers Skyler’s secret. The rift between Frankie and Aria grows.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Broken Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x03
Zoey and Sage are concerned when Liam starts to hang with the wrong crowd. Liam’s sleepless nights and use of drugs transforms his reality. Skyler discovers he needs help to keep him on the football team. Frankie and Aria have a disagreement about loyalty and trust. Tessa and Sage try out for cheer squad. Frankie and Sage’s friendship does not sit well with Aria. Skyler seeks help with history from an exceptionally smart girl. Ted and Susan worry about secrets from their past coming to light. Sage blocks e-mails from unknown users. Christian approaches his brother Rockwell for answers. Miaagrees to go out a date with a cute boy. Kelsey and Liam have some fun in the pub alleyway.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 At Last Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x04
Zoey thinks Kelsey is a bad influence on Liam and turns to Skyler for his help. Miastarts to have night terrors. Frankie grows closer to Sage. Skyler becomes concerned about his future, seeking help from Alyssa. Miaconfides in Sage with her nightmares. Aria wants to know why Frankie has changed. Aria attempts to get Frankie to reveal secrets. Susan and Ted track down an old ally. Flashbacks show Allan makes a selfless offer in order to save Pauline. Zoey, Frankie and Sage are put into a dangerous situation. Miatells Anne that she wants to drop the tutoring due to Skyler’s attitude toward her. Miaseeks out to find an important book that was shown to her in her nightmares. After Rockwell refuses to give information to Christian, he sneaks into his office to find answers himself.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Masquerade Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x05
Aria does something bad that could jeopardize her future with Frankie. Miaseeks help for her nightmares. Rockwell is put in a difficult situation when a surprising piece of evidence arrives to his office. Liam struggles with his new addiction. Sage finds a strange, encrypted book. Liam’s odd behavior raises eyebrows. The rift between Frankie and Aria grows. Marla confronts her past. Skyler apologizes to Miafor his behavior; she accepts and decides to tutor him again. Zach talks to Sage and tells her he is worried about her safety. More questions arise about the town.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 All Good Things Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x06
Nolan tries to comfort Tessa and win her over after she fails her first test. Zoey and Christian stage an intervention for Liam. Frankie’s relationship with Aria is strained. Tessa decides to run for cheer captain against Holly. Aria thinks Zoey may be able to unlock secrets about Sage. Frankie attempts to summon the courage to tell Aria the truth. Skyler tells Miathat he’s happy she forgave him and the two share a kiss.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Secrets & Lies Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x07
Frankie discovers of Aria’s dishonesty with him and turns to Sage. Sage has trouble keeping secrets hidden. Miamakes an eye-opening discovery in the doctor’s office. Aria becomes fed up with Frankie’s secrets. Aria and Sage butt heads. Miaand Skyler consider implications of their kiss in the library. Tessa reaches out to Victoria about the encrypted book. Tessa and Nolan get closer. Frankie is developing feelings for Sage.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 The Locket Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x08
Tessa receives a locket that has history in the town. Tessa and Sage visit the site of their parents’ death. Ian meets Tessa for the first time. Marla shares important news with her family. Zoey asks Skyler to find out why Liam is avoiding her. Tessa learns that Marla has been keeping secrets. Aria grows jealous of Sage’s growing bond with Frankie. A fight with Aria has Frankie turning to Sage, who is trying to make things right with Zach.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 The Stranger Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x09
A new student shows up in Frankie’s place on the football team. Roy impresses Tessa. Skyler decides to make changes. Skyler and Nolan become concerned when a strange new girl wanders off in the middle of class and begins sneaking around the hallways. Susan must face some not-so-friendly acquaintances from the past. Ted meets with Ellis about Liam’s grade and his poor attendance. Barbara is released from the hospital and returns home. Parent/Teacher meetings are underway.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Bad Company Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x10
Nolan’s cousin visits Lockwood for the first time. Victoria attempts to decode the book in secret. Liam’s drug use gets out of control. Sage and Christian grow closer. Tessa and Nolan take their relationship to the next level. Ian makes a deal with Damien. Liam’s drug use intensifies. A fight between Christian and Roy lands everyone involved in detention.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Jane Doe Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x11
Police find a Jane Doe. Nolan’s cousin loses control of his car and crashes – with Nolan as the passenger. Frankie confides in Sage about his feelings. Terry gives Nolan bad news. A secret from the past is discovered. The girls realize that leaving the past behind is much harder than they first thought. Holly throws a birthday party where Christian and Roy get into an argument.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 He Comes Undone Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x12
Nolan has trouble dealing with his mother’s death. Miaand Sage start to piece together information about Damien. Aria struggles with her complex relationship. Nolan refuses to leave the house. Tensions rise when Ted reveals something about Kurt’s past. Roy tries to get closer to Tessa.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Lost & Found Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x13
Lockwood is plunged into darkness. Frankie struggles with his true feelings. Nolan refuses to seek help. Someone unexpected arrives to town. Skyler looks for an after-school job to help his family. Terry takes on a complicated decision. Zoey and Liam are at odds in their relationship.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Love Hurts Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x14
Frankie and Christian have a conversation regarding feelings. Nolan struggles to cope with everything surrounding him. Holly confesses her feelings for Christian. Tessa tries to get Nolan to open up. Frankie advises Sage to keep away from Christian. The girls try to pay tribute to their parents’ memory, but they are still faced with unresolved issues. Zach tries to force himself into Sage’s life again.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Blood Ties Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x15
Sage discovers who Allan really is to her and Tessa. Marla reveals a lot of her family history to Tessa. Frankie makes his feelings for Sage known. Allan is encouraged to work things out with Marla. Flashbacks reveal why Marla and Frederick separate. Miacontinues tutoring Skyler and their developing friendship bothers Holly.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 The Ex-Files Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x16
Zach comes to Lockwood to see Sage. A depressed Sage seeks comfort from an unlikely source. Skyler uses a school project to get closer to Alyssa. Liam makes a new friend. Overcome with emotion, Sage kisses Frankie.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Nobody's Perfect Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x17
Kevin tries to be a better dad when he volunteers to chaperone the school dance. The boys try to come to terms with a loss. Frankie reveals the truth to Aria. Frankie must choose between his relationship or Sage. Ian has a secret. Skyler attempts to bond with Alyssa. Sage begins to question her friendships.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Free Fall Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x18
Sage struggles with conflicting emotions. Christian hears overwhelming information about his father. Frankie must make a difficult decision. Skyler and Miabond. Sage confronts Aria about kissing Ellis. Zoey and Aria try to mend their friendship. Roy organizes a ‘dare night’ to test the limits of his new classmates.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 No Way Out Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBB #01x19
Frankie learns he cannot trust Aria. Aria finds an ally in Sage. Nolan questions his relationship with Tessa. Zoey is lured into a trap by Connor. Skyler finally makes his move on Alyssa. Holly forms a mutually beneficial relationship with Roy.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Do No Harm Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x20
Miaand Skyler have their first official date. Aria asks Sage to be honest about her true feelings for Frankie. After several strange things have happened Christian and Frankie investigate. Aria finds herself in a peculiar situation. Ian gains a valuable ally. Sage and Frankie grow closer until Aria spreads a vicious rumor about Sage.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 Enemy Within Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x21
Damien pressures Ian, causing him to make a surprising revelation. Aria nurses a broken heart. Skyler reveals his true feelings to Alyssa. Rockwell works with Ian to enact a plan that he hopes will put an end to the attacks in Lockwood. Skyler and Miadiscuss the status of their relationship. Sage and Christian’s friendship grows stronger. Sage asks for Roy’s help.
Lockwoodpromotitle2 No Place Like Home Writer: Stacee Myers Director: TBD #01x22
Aria drops a bombshell on Frankie. Sage, Tessa and Liam discover disturbing theories about past events. Sage is confused when Christian arrives to help her. Aria’s family pressures her to make a life changing decision. The body of a high school student is found. Ted and Susan move against Damien. Miaand Skyler decide to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Aria and Zoey discuss Aria’s possible move. Things heat up between Christian and Sage when he finally tells her the way he feels. Sage and Christian share a kiss.
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